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We Love Your Children & Pets



All children are able to stay at our tailgate sites, camp pads and creek campsites as well as select glamping sites. We do count kids in the head count as a guest for each site, regardless of age (0-18), our insurance requires it. Please note that our creek campsites require a 1,000 foot hike down a mountain trail with rocks and roots for stairs. There are only a few areas where small children may need assistance. We recommend shoes that have tread and are not slick bottomed. Don't worry mom & dad we have kids of all ages, young and old that love the creek hike.


Creek Ridge Camping is a pet friendly campground for our creek campsites, tailgate sites and camp pads. However our Glamping sites are NOT pet friendly unless listed, no exceptions. If you come with your pet for a glamping site that doesn't allow them, you will be turned away and not refunded. The fee is $5 per pet, per day for camping. All pets are required to be on a leash at all times even in camp. All owners must take their pet with them when they leave their site or the campground, they can not be left unattended. IF you leave your pet unattended in camp you will be asked to leave and bann from the campground. These rules are inplace for your pets safety and strictly enforced. Your dog left alone makes a tasty snack for bears and mountain lions. Please pick up your dog droppings as well no one likes poop. 

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